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                                        IVAN T. GRAMOTIN, THE RUSSIAN POLITICIAN OF THE END                                                              OF THE 16TH - FIRST HALF OF THE 17TH CENTURY                     


Varentsova Larisa Yurevna, Candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of Russian history and regional studies, Nizhny Novgorod State University named after N. I. Lobachevsky, 

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On the basis of the annalistic sources, scribe books, departmental documentation and imperial charters, in this article you can follow the destiny of the eminent Russian politican of the epoch of Smuta (Vague) period – I. T. Gramotin. He quite often comitted high treasons, but more often benefited to his country. I. T. Gramotin was the Duma clerk of Ambassadoria order, the bailee of the major governmental seal, he had one of the vast tenure in Nizhegorodskiy region in the first half of XVII centuries. 

Key words

politician, high treason, Smuta (Vague), Trinity-Sergiev monastery, the left bank of the Volga river, first-rate agrarian. 

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